SmartFM Conference | Vision of Failure Management in Smart Factory

Under the title “Vision of Failure Management in Smart Factory”, the first annual conference within the research project SmartFM (Integration of Failure Management in Smart Factory) took place on 28th of September 2017 in Aachen. The conference aimed to share the current status of the project as well as the developed rough model with the project consortium. The conference started with a keynote speech from Prof. Dr. Robert Schmitt on the production systems in a smart factory, the corresponding challenges for the failure management process in the future. The program continued with presentation of the study results, reflecting the status-quo of failure management within the companies and the identified action fields and potentials. A world café session has been planned to exchange ideas between the participating companies and the core project consortium. The afternoon session was dedicated to presentation of the first implemented solution and the relevant use cases.

Following to the first conference, a webinar is also planned on 7th of December 2017 to share the highlights of the first conference with those project partners who were not able to join us on September 28th. The registration deadline is 20th of November 2017.