Understand the Customer and Become His Friend

“The Customer is King” is a motto that can be found in any company. While customer satisfaction is the common aim of all companies, yet the challenge is to understand what the customers actually desire. The companies attempt towards understanding the customers’ needs and expectations, have been mostly confined to classical survey instruments. The results can be appealingly presented in bar charts but unfortunately can rarely hit the bullseye. As customers’ genuine wishes and expectations are shared in a completely different medium, that is social media, especially internet forum which are considered a treasure chest in this regard.
Wirtschaftsforum conducted an interview with Jan Kukulies, the General Manager and Verena Heinrichs, the Head of Social Media Intelligence at PRS Technologie about SocialYou and how it can support companies in understanding their customers’ needs and expectations better and ahead of time.

You can read the complete interview (in German) under the link below:

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